The ‘secret’ reason why the flu shot doesn’t work

“Careful what you vaccinate with.”

An expert in immunology at the La Jolla Institute recently made that mysterious comment to a reporter while discussing a just-released study on the effectiveness of the flu shot.

What exactly could that mean?

Well, it seems to be a scary warning about what could be the best-kept secret at CDC headquarters: The real reason why flu shots don’t work, as we’re now learning, is the way most of them are made.

And while that may be news to us, scientists who study the flu have known for years now.

Although that finding on its own is a real slap in the face to Big Pharma’s yearly cash cow, it opens up a whole new can of worms and poses some very important questions.

Top on the list would be: Have we been frightened, intimidated, and coerced every year into submitting to a risky shot that was never even expected to work in the first place?

The virus and the egg

It seems like every year, the experts at the CDC try to explain away why the flu shot is such a dud.

The excuse most often offered up is how hard it is to match the circulating virus. They have to take an educated guess back in early spring, and, you know, sometimes they guess wrong.

But a startling new study has just been released from The Scripps Research Institute showing exactly why the flu vaccine is so ineffective.

The Scripts researchers explain that when the influenza virus is produced in chicken eggs to make the flu shot (a technique that goes back to the 1940s), it has to “adapt to growing in that environment” — and, in order to do that, it must mutate.

And that makes any protection those egg vaccines offer slim to none where the most common flu virus, H3N2, is concerned.

One of the scientists behind the new study, Dr. Nicholas Wu, said that the research revealed that the flu shot being used this year already contains a “specific mutation,” one that he said “vaccine producers need to look at.”

And while the flu virus can mutate on its own (without help from Big Pharma), could all these “forced” mutations over the years be somehow more dangerous and perhaps even help to create a killer pandemic?

These are things that we really don’t know, and we probably won’t know until something terrible happens.

As I said, this crucial fact has been known for some time. Three years ago, researchers in Canada issued very similar findings, saying that those mutations “play an enormous role” in explaining why the shot is so ineffective.

But it’s much more than just a case of hit or miss. Because something that’s not a secret is how flu-shot side effects have been increasing over the years. And a shocking number of those cases involve Guillain-Barre syndrome, a devastating condition that leaves many victims paralyzed and unable to breathe on their own.

Every year, the federal “vaccine court” pays out more settlements for death and injuries from the flu shot than for any other vaccine.

While some new methods have been developed recently — including a process that involves growing the virus in a line of cocker spaniel kidney cells and a the Flublok shot, which uses worm cells (yuck!) — eggs still remain the chief culture for producing the flu shot.

And even Mr. Vaccine himself, Dr. Paul Offit, admits that these other versions also don’t work very well!

That’s why your best bet for staying flu-free during the winter is to keep your immune system strong and in fighting form. And that’s best done by not skimping on your sleep, taking enough vitamin D, zinc, olive leaf extract, and probiotics daily.

Because as more facts about the flu shot leak out, the more it becomes obvious that Big Pharma is simply taking us for a risky ride.

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