How to protect yourself from the latest deadly superbug

It’s the worst possible thing that could happen: Two deadly types of pneumonia are causing incredibly contagious infections that can’t be treated by any antibiotics — except maybe, just maybe, one.

This deadly superbug has already claimed five lives in China, and experts believe that’s only the beginning.

While we cross our fingers… and we wait to see if this one last antibiotic will stop this multidrug-resistant version of mega-pneumonia… it’s vital that we take some immediate steps to keep ourselves and our loved ones safe.

Because it’s not just a threat to patients who are sick and in the hospital. The rapid evolution of these pathogens can make even a routine outpatient procedure a life-threatening event.

‘Falling off the cliff’

This isn’t a new crisis, but one that’s been many years in the making. And you can trace this untreatable version of pneumonia back to all those times we took (or gave) antibiotics when they weren’t really needed… including to healthy farm animals.

But the danger really began to dial up at the beginning of this year, when a variation of the K. pneumoniae microbe called CRE killed a woman in a Nevada hospital. More than two dozen kinds of antibiotics had no effect on the bug.

That was bad enough. At that time, a professor of infectious diseases at the University of Minnesota said, “We’re already falling off the cliff.”

But now, it looks like many more people will be in danger of that plunge, because CRE’s next move was to do the unthinkable: It joined forces with a “hypervirulent” form of another version of K. pneumoniae, creating a danger the likes of which we’ve never faced before.

Chinese doctors have already tried their entire arsenal of drugs to stop this terrifying combo that’s already killed five of their patients — but so far, nothing has worked. The stunned experts can only hold out hope that their one last chance — an antibiotic in the U.S. — will work.

While this super-superbug has only appeared in China so far (in a spanking clean, brand new hospital “with very good hygiene,” no less!), don’t think for one moment that you’re safe in the U.S., Canada, or any other locale.

As experts have warned, it’s a matter of “when, not if” these bugs spread all over the world.

Although we can’t turn back the clock and undo the haphazard way we’ve used antibiotics in the past, we’ve still got time to keep ourselves and our families as safe as possible, starting right now.

For example:

#1: Don’t take antibiotics for conditions they won’t help! Despite all the publicity surrounding the surge of superbugs, it appears that doctors still hand them out for not just bacterial infections, but every condition imaginable.

#2: Be extremely careful when handling raw meat or poultry. Wash your hands afterwards, and don’t rinse raw meat or chicken in the sink. A tiny drop of water is all that’s needed to spread dangerous bacteria around your kitchen.

#3: Stock up on colloidal silver. It’s the most powerful natural antibiotic that Mother Nature has ever given us, and studies have proven that it can safely kill just about any type of bacteria out there.

Now, if you or a family member is in the hospital, there are some special precautions that can protect you from getting infected by one of these terror bugs.

Ask your doctor to take out any IVs, catheters, and any other tubes or ports as soon as possible — and make sure they do it! And when they (or nurses or aides, for that matter) come into your room, make sure they wash their hands before doing anything.

I know, that may not be an easy thing to ask, especially of a doctor, but many forget or are just in too much of a hurry to bother! And the results can be deadly.

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