Is this the most dangerous shot a senior can take?

This could be one of the most dangerous things to ever happen to seniors.

It’s the Fluad flu vaccine, and the TV commercials are already flooding the airwaves.

You’ll hear that you must have it because as you get older, your immune system doesn’t work as well… and that Fluad contains a special “immune-enhancing ingredient” that’s necessary for those over 65.

But there’s a whole lot you won’t be hearing about that special ingredient. For one, it’s something that thousands of American soldiers have already tested in their own bodies.

And for another — the results were horrific.

Gentlemen, start your engines

Summer’s not over yet, but the flu ads have already started playing.

And the first one out of the starting gate is for Fluad, a vaccine approved by the FDA just two years ago for seniors. It’s all about happy, active seniors who “don’t have time” to come down with the flu.

You would never, ever suspect that one of its main ingredients has a dark past.

All the hype about why Fluad is so different is because it contains MF59, which is a chemical added to jumpstart your immune system called an “adjuvant.” In this case, the adjuvant is an “oil-in-water emulsion of squalene oil.”

And if you check that out on the CDC’s webpage, it will sound like this MF59 is as safe as a lollipop. The agency reassures us that squalene is “a naturally occurring substance in animals and plants.”

But while that may be true, it doesn’t make it any safer.

You see, it’s well documented in animal experiments that when squalene is injected it can set off a reaction that causes the immune system to go on the attack, triggering autoimmune diseases such as RA, MS and lupus, as well as horrific injuries to the nervous system and brain.

Squalene-laced shots, in fact, are what many experts believe destroyed the health of thousands of vets who served in the first Gulf War. That was the secret (and unapproved) ingredient added to the experimental anthrax vaccine, which is now thought to be the real reason behind Gulf War Syndrome.

But even before that in 1999, dozens of pilots at Dover Air Force Base were reporting adverse reactions from shots that contained the adjuvant. As reported by Stars and Stripes, rather than be forced to take vaccines that contained squalene, many airmen left, and one senior officer resigned.

And for years the Pentagon refused to admit that the shots even contained squalene! Finally, some testing was done proving they did, and the powers that be could no longer deny it.

At that time, Dover Commander Colonel Felix Grieder went so far as to suspend the vaccine program at the base after hearing reports of aviators with severe joint pain, blackouts, dizzy spells, vertigo and rashes. Many developed debilitating arthritis.

And once armed with all this information about how young and healthy men and women in the military reacted to this adjuvant, what did the FDA do?

Why, it went ahead and gave MF59 the okay to be injected into seniors!

So, what was once a secret ingredient that caused a colonel to put the brakes on vaccinations to protect the health of his pilots is now one of the contents of the latest and greatest flu shot being advertised for older Americans.

Now, what could possibly go wrong with that?!

But Fluad aside, as I told you a few weeks ago, flu shots in general aren’t worth a wooden nickel.

Not only do they not work, but getting a flu shot — any flu shot — is a very risky way to try and stay healthy during the fall and winter months.

Several published studies have found that those who receive a jab every year, as we’re told to do, are much more likely to come down with the flu. It appears that the more shots you get, the less protection (if any) a vaccine provides.

The best way to stay on your game during flu season is to do whatever you can to keep your immune system in excellent working shape. And you can do that by taking daily probiotics, keeping up with zinc, vitamins D and C and immune-boosting foods such as coconut oil, as well as filling your plate with colorful fruits and veggies.

And when you see all that flu-shot propaganda next time you’re out shopping in the drugstore or supermarket, just keep on walking… with your sleeves rolled down!

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