New rule gives CDC power to detain us for almost any reason

Last August, you may have been getting the kids or grandkids ready to go back to school, or perhaps you were just enjoying the last few weeks of summer.

But at CDC headquarters in Atlanta, there was a lot going on. The agency was quietly making plans to attempt one of the biggest power grabs ever.

The CDC issued a proposed rule that month — one that, if put into effect, could transform life as we know it in America.

This rule would give the agency the authority to detain you, even remove you from your home — all in the name of public safety.

It’s not the law of the land yet, but it could be very soon.

And we only have a few short weeks to try and stop it.

Power grab

Obama may no longer reside at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave., but one of the closing acts during his presidency may have the most lasting aftershocks.

In fact, it was on his last day in office that the CDC issued a final rule granting itself the power to quarantine anyone it decides poses a health threat.

Of course, CDC officials will tell you that it’s all to protect us. What if it suddenly found that passengers coming into an airport have Zika or Ebola? Wouldn’t you want officials to be able to stop an outbreak and keep these sick people from making others ill?

Well, officials already can do that. Quarantine laws have been in place for a long, long time.

Plus that, states have the authority to do so as well. And the feds almost always allowed state health officials to take the lead in their locales.

But this new rule is very different. It gives the CDC unheard-of powers to restrain people without approval from local officials, and to do so for three full days before their situation is even examined. And when (or if) it finally is, that review would be done by CDC personnel!

Can you imagine someone being essentially locked up for three days for the “crime” of some federal inspector saying they appear unwell?

Under the rules as they stand right now — ones that were put into effect decades ago — the CDC has authority to detain someone entering the U.S. or crossing state lines who has one of around 12 contagious diseases, such as smallpox, plague, TB or cholera.

Now, if this new directive takes place, the agency’s powers have been inflated to capture and detain someone who simply has a high fever, headache, cramps or anything else the agency believes could be a sign of an infectious disease.

This is absolutely unbelievable. Imagine being put under house arrest for having a headache or cramps — or worse yet, being taken away from your loved ones and maybe even detained at a federal facility!

Even experts who believe that the feds need more power to control dangerous diseases are admitting that the “definition of ill persons” under this rule could become so big that the CDC “can target a much wider swath.”

Another big issue at stake here are vaccines. While the rule doesn’t contain provisions (yet) to force vaccines on us and our children, it does mention measles and pertussis (in the proposed rule of last August, measles is actually mentioned 186 times). And it talks about allowing the CDC to monitor travelers who appear to be showing symptoms of measles.

What exactly that means is anyone’s guess.

Should this rule be put in place, a Pandora’s Box of unknown proportions will be unleashed.

That’s why it’s urgent that we contact the only person who can stop it — President Trump — and tell him and his staff to put the kibosh on what the CDC is trying to do before it’s too late. The Trump administration is reviewing this final rule now, and according to news sources, it could go into effect as soon as the end of this month.

The White House website says its contact form is the fastest way to reach the president. And you can access that by going to:

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