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Statins' link to Parkinson’s disease confirmed in new study

For years I’ve been telling you how statins can destroy your liver, trigger diabetes, and cause painful and sometimes deadly muscle damage.

You would think that would have been the final straw where statins are concerned… but it wasn’t.

Now, after carefully examining the data on millions of patients researchers have come to another very frightening conclusion: Taking statins will up your risk of the devastating neurological condition known as Parkinson’s disease.

At this point, I think statins should be renamed “Teflon drugs” – because it seems that nothing, absolutely nothing, will stop the mainstream fixation on prescribing them.

The cholesterol-brain connection

Imagine for a minute if a supplement was linked to just a tiny fraction of the health problems statins are known to cause.

Why, armed guards would be stripping store shelves clean and warnings would be blasting from megaphones!

Now, a new study from the U.S. is confirming something that British doctors announced last year: There’s a link between these drugs and Parkinson’s disease.

In the UK, researchers found an almost double risk between statin use and this debilitating illness. That research was done over the course of two decades and involved close to 16,000 people!

Dr. Kailash Chand, who is deputy chairman of the British Medical Association, commented that the dangers of taking statins are “far greater than any potential benefits,” and that their use should be restricted.

And now, researchers from the Penn State College of Medicine have come out with their own findings. This study crunched the data on over 30 million patients, also concluding that those on statin drugs have an increased risk of Parkinson’s.

So why is it that a few years ago, a group of researchers tried to make us believe that statins somehow protect against Parkinson’s?! At the time, one Big Pharma-connected doctor wrote that he found it a “comforting thought” that statins have this extra advantage of lowering the risk of Parkinson’s.

Why, that flies in the face of every single thing we know about cholesterol and the brain. And the only ones being comforted here are the drugmakers who are raking in the billions on meds like Lipitor, Crestor and Zocor.

You see, as one British expert said, Mother Nature made cholesterol for a reason. Cholesterol protects your brain! And when you artificially drive it down to basement levels, you subject yourself to all kinds of neurological diseases. On top of that, the Penn researchers noted that statins block not only cholesterol, but also CoQ10, an enzyme that’s “essential for cell function.”

That’s about the worst-kept secret in medicine. The very well-documented depletion of CoQ10 is so big that a public interest group recently attempted to get the FDA to add a black-box warning to these drugs, alerting users to take a CoQ10 supplement along with a statin.

And last year I told you about a study (one that got almost no coverage in the mainstream media), showing how statins can increase plaque buildup in your arteries and both cause and worsen heart failure.

Any way you look at it, statins are bad news. And unbelievably just one of these drugs, Lipitor, brings in $7 billion a year!

It’s time to stop the insanity!

If your doctor keeps giving you the “cholesterol talk,” and pushing you to start up on one of these drugs, maybe your best (and safest) course of action is to find another doctor.

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