Powerful supplement puts the brakes on memory loss

Have you ever been late for an appointment because you couldn’t find your car keys?

Or how about those times when you pick up the phone – and then completely forget who you were going to call?

These little brain hiccups (or “senior moments”) we all get as we age are enough to drive you crazy.

But what if you could start to make them disappear – with something as simple as drinking a glass of tea?

European researchers have discovered an all-natural herbal remedy that may give your memory and brainpower a major boost in just weeks.

It’s been around for thousands of years – and it looks like we’re still learning about all that it can do.


Passionflower has one of those stories that’s almost hard to believe.

You see, it was used for eons by Native American healers to treat insomnia and calm nerves.

But when the Spanish conquistadors first saw one in the 16th century, they thought they were witnessing a miracle.

That’s because the passionflower has a crucifix shape in the middle — and what looks like a crown of thorns around the outside.

And over the years, passionflower hasn’t disappointed much in the miracle department.

It’s so powerful that it’s used in some countries to relax patients before surgery. And in a major study 15 years ago, it relieved anxiety as well as the popular drug Serax – but without all the side effects.

And now it looks like passionflower may be the key to protecting a lifetime of memories.

In a new study out of Poland, researchers fed a group of rats a passionflower extract for seven weeks.

And it was like someone had put jumper cables on their brains!

After just seven weeks, the rats’ memories had significantly improved and they could complete mazes faster than ever.

We’ve known for years that passionflower increases our brains’ levels of a key neurotransmitter called GABA. And scientists now believe that GABA plays an important role in regulating our memories – and controlling how many new memories we can make.

Plus, just by relieving anxiety, passionflower may give your brain and memory a jolt. If you suffer from anxiety — or constantly feel like your mind is racing — you know how difficult it can be to focus and remember things.

The really good news about passionflower is that you can pick it up just about anywhere as either a tea or a supplement.

A quick of caution – as I’ve said, passionflower can make you a little sleepy. So if you’re already taking a prescription sedative, you should talk to your doctor before starting up on passionflower.

Source: Phytotherapy Research, May 2016