Study: Cellphone radiation can harm unborn kids

For the longest time the big question has been: do cellphones cause cancer?

If you ask the FDA, FCC, or the CDC, you’ll be told that the science is settled and they are safe.

But maybe they should hold the phone on that question. Because current research is telling us something entirely different.

Especially where our kids are concerned.

Now, a new study has come out with the strongest warning yet on cellphone use.

And those who are in the greatest danger are the tiniest and most vulnerable ones of all.

A warning call

“As a grandmother, I can tell you we have enough knowledge that we cannot continue to experiment on our children.”

That’s what Dr. Devra Davis, founder of the Environmental Health Trust has to say about some just-out research on cellphones and kids.

Dr. Davis came together with researchers from Harvard and Yale to present the findings at a pediatric conference in Baltimore.

And the bottom line is: If you’re pregnant, keep that phone far away from your tummy.

You see, our government may claim that the radiation from cell phones is as safe as a lollipop — but not all scientific organizations agree with that.

The International Agency for Research on Cancer, for example, classifies the kind of radiation cellphones give off as a possible cause of cancer in humans.

And that’s a really big problem for kids, because their brains can absorb twice as much radiation as adult brains.

An infant’s developing brain is especially susceptible, researchers say.

And, unfortunately, the risk doesn’t seem to end with cancer.

Exposing babies’ brains to cellphone radiation in the womb may have other serious health effects that we’re just beginning to understand.

Dr. Hugh Taylor, from the Yale School of Medicine, conducted an experiment where he put cellphones on top of cages with pregnant mice. When the mice were born, they had symptoms that looked a whole lot like ADHD, or even autism.

Those baby mice were “bouncing off the walls,” Dr. Taylor said.

Plus, “they weren’t paying attention to their surroundings,” and had a significant decrease in their memory.

Dr. Martha Herbert, with Harvard and Massachusetts General Hospital, claims that electronic signals (including WiFi) can disturb something called “calcium signaling” that allows our brains to keep information flowing smoothly.

Look, I know it’s impossible to take all this technology, put it back in its box and make it go away.

Most of us are so addicted to our cellphones that we wouldn’t even want that to happen.

But we can still do some things to keep ourselves and our kids (even the ones who haven’t arrived yet) safer.

For example:

  • If you’re expecting, keep that phone as far away from your stomach as possible. Putting it in your purse won’t stop the radiation.
  • Cut back on your cellphone use by only using it for calls. If you need to send emails or surf the Web, use your trusty desktop computer or laptop.
  • Guys need to be careful, too, and not put cellphones in their pockets. Studies have found that can cause both impotence and low sperm counts.

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