Gardasil shot claims another victim

It’s the most dangerous vaccine on the planet — and it looks like it’s just killed again.

Ever since the HPV shot Gardasil hit the market, I’ve been warning you about children who were left crippled — or even dead — shortly after getting the vaccine.

Now a 13-year-old schoolgirl from England may be the latest Gardasil victim.

The mainstream and our government keep insisting the shot is safe. But this young girl’s death fits a very suspicious (and shockingly common) pattern.

And it’s one that should be a big red flag to parents and grandparents everywhere.

Another life lost

Shazel Zaman had beautiful brown eyes and her whole life ahead of her.

But just five days after getting a Gardasil shot, the 13-year-old girl was gone.

For years now, I’ve been sharing the heartbreaking stories of HPV vaccine victims from around the world.

I’m talking about young girls and boys who were in the primes of their lives one moment — and confined to wheelchairs or even dead the next.

And nearly all of these children had two things in common. They became very sick right after getting Gardasil or the other HPV vaccine, Cervarix — and, in almost all of their cases, the mainstream refused to accept that the shots were to blame.

In fact, that’s exactly what happened with Shazel.

Just days after getting her second Gardasil jab, Shazel had become so sick she could barely stand. She was vomiting and was so weak that her family took her to the hospital, where she collapsed in the bathroom.

But instead of giving her the help she needed, the hospital sent her home. They told her she was fine — and one doctor even called her lazy.

Just hours later, she was dead.

Have you ever heard anything so outrageous in your life? These doctors would rather call a dying child lazy than admit that a vaccine might be killing her.

But unfortunately, that’s the pattern we’re seeing over and over again.

For example, Jessica Ericzon, a 17-year-old from New York, started complaining of sore joints, exhaustion, and severe headaches after getting Gardasil.

Her doctor claimed it was just stress — and she ended up dying on her bathroom floor just 48 hours after her shot.

I could go on and on telling you about these girls and boys and the heartache their families are going through. These were people who were simply following advice from their doctors and the government — and ended up losing their beautiful children in the process.

It’s become clear that the only way to protect the children we love is to keep them away from these HPV shots. Because your chances of getting help after complications develop — or of getting the problem taken seriously — seem to be around zero.

Unfortunately, keeping our kids away from Gardasil and Cervarix is getting harder than ever. As I’ve told you before, the Feds and even some state governments won’t rest until they’ve pumped these vaccines into just about everyone.

The NIH and CDC are working right now on a marketing plan for HPV shots. And two states and the District of Columbia are now requiring kids to get an HPV vaccine to be able to attend school.

In fact, I told you how a similar bill came up earlier this year in my home state of Maryland — and, fortunately, we were able to defeat it.

It’s never been more important to keep our kids’ and grandkids’ sleeves rolled down, and to make sure HPV vaccine legislation doesn’t pop up in your state next.

You can track state bills at the National Vaccine Information Center Advocacy Portal here.

I’m looking forward to the day when there aren’t any more stories of HPV vaccine victims to share. But that’s only going to happen if we all band together to refuse these shots.

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