Maryland school kids may become the next crop of Gardasil guinea pigs

Other states have introduced dangerous legislation under the guise of protecting kids (you and I know it’s really just a ploy to sell more Gardasil). But now it looks like my home state may be planning the most dangerous, scheming assault of any state — and we may have just days to stop it.

I’ve been warning you since this summer about bills popping up around the country in places like California and Oklahoma. They’d throw kids right out of school (or even day care!) if they don’t roll up their sleeves for every vaccine their states require.

But now Maryland is on the verge of passing the most egregious attack on our children yet.

Because a group of Big Pharma-friendly politicians is pushing legislation that would force HPV vaccines like Gardasil onto thousands of kids.

And they could give your child or grandchild the shots without ever telling you a word about it.

Schoolyard bullies
For months I’ve been asking you to watch your state legislatures carefully for the kinds of forced-vaccination bills we’re starting to see everywhere.

And a concerned Baltimore mom alerted me that Maryland is about to start hearings on HB 1178 — a bill that would force all ninth graders to get a series of HPV shots in order to attend school.

I’m talking about Gardasil and Cervarix — two of the most dangerous and controversial vaccines around today.

Now, bullying kids into rolling up their sleeves for Gardasil — and threatening to expel them from school if they don’t — is unconstitutional enough.

But Maryland legislators are adding a new wrinkle this time. And it would allow the state to pump HPV vaccines into your child’s or grandchild’s body without parental consent.

Talk about Big Brother run amok!

You see, there’s another bill floating around (HB 216) that would let kids as young as nine years old agree to “medical care related to prevention of… sexually transmitted infection and disease.”

Translation? Kids in fourth grade could be pressured into getting a Gardasil jab without you getting so much as a phone call home!

Think about what you were doing in 4th grade!

Have you ever heard anything so disturbing in your life? How exactly are they going to explain the risks to these kids? Coloring books with SpongeBob SquarePants and Kung Fu Panda?

Now you can bet that lots of parents are up in arms, and this whole thing could turn into a PR nightmare. But it looks like Maryland is preparing for that, too.

Right around the time news about these bills started circulating, Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore (whose Hela cell line were instrumental in making the Gardasil vaccine is certainly no stranger to taking money from Merck) joined a massive national PSA campaign to push HPV shots.

It’s run by the CDC — which promotes Gardasil the way Don King promotes boxing — and encourages doctors to “talk positively about the benefits of the vaccine.” It even recommends they don’t “ask parents their thoughts.”

I have to stop there. Are they serious? Are they insane? How can this be remotely legal?

Since Gardasil first hit the market 10 years ago, I’ve been sharing the stories of young girls who suffered seizures, paralysis, and even died after getting the shot (sometimes just minutes after getting it).

And just a few weeks ago, the American College of Pediatricians started warning that Gardasil can destroy young girls’ ovaries, leaving them unable to ever have children of their own.

HB 1178 (and its companion bill in the Senate) will get hearings in early March. The bill allowing kids to receive HPV shots without telling mom or dad is still working its way through committees.

So we have to act fast…and furious.

If you live in Maryland — or know anyone that does, click here to contact your state reps and DEMAND they vote against these dangerous proposals. You should also call or write to Governor Hogan’s office (410-974-3901) and DEMAND he veto the bills if they get to his desk. (Please also post the link on your Facebook feed or tweet it to friends.)

You can stay on top of what’s happening in other states by checking out the National Vaccine Information Center Advocacy Portal.

The idea of forcing a dangerous, experimental syphilis vaccine on a 9-year-old — without even telling her parents — is immoral, unconstitutional, and insane. These politicians are coming for your kids — and they must be stopped.


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