Bills to force vaccinations spreading nationwide

The vaccine police are coming, and your state may be next.

Last year I warned you how states like California, Illinois, and Rhode Island were taking away your right to decide which vaccines your children and grandchildren should get.

Some states were even throwing kids out of school if they didn’t get all their shots.

And as bad as 2015 was, it looks like this year could be a whole lot worse.

Dozens of vaccine bills are popping up across the country right now — including one that would let the government give our kids dangerous vaccines without ever telling us about it.

A blizzard of bad bills
It’s like something out of science fiction movie — a bunch of Big Brother flunkies in white coats, running around and jabbing kids with whatever they please.

But, believe it or not, that seems to be exactly where we’re headed.

It all started last summer, when California Gov. Jerry Brown signed a bill mandating that kids get the full schedule of CDC-recommended vaccines or be barred from attending school.

And once that barn door was opened, other states like Rhode Island quickly followed suit.

The National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC) tracked 160 vaccine-related bills over 41 states last year! These are all bills that would limit or take away our rights to refuse vaccines for our children and ourselves.

Fortunately, bills in places like Connecticut, New Jersey, and New Mexico were stopped by angry citizens who weren’t about to let their rights go down the drain. But there are still plenty of frightening bills out there, including:

  • New York’s SB 2712 and AB 1528: This is a terrifying vaccine coup that even Merck couldn’t have imagined. These bills would allow a “health care practitioner” to administer an HPV shot, like Gardasil, to any child in the state without the consent or knowledge of parents or guardians. It hasn’t gained much traction yet — but if you live in New York, keep the pressure up.
  • Oklahoma’s SB 1478:
    This legislation would strip parents and guardians of Oklahoma school kids from being allowed to have personal and religious exemptions for state-mandated vaccinations. It’s practically the same bill they passed in California.
  • South Dakota’s SB 28: The state committee on Health and Human Services is ramping up a meningitis fear campaign and is hoping to add that shot to the list of vaccines required for school. As I’ve told you before, the meningitis shot comes with some big risks — ones that far outweigh the chances of getting this rare infection. And with South Dakota being one of the states where it’s near impossible to get an exemption for school shots, this bill would put a lot of kids in harm’s way.

Believe it or not, there’s even a federal bill called HR 2232 sponsored by Congresswoman Frederica Wilson — that would withhold federal funds from states that don’t force kids to get the full CDC vaccine schedule.

And if that ever passes, you can bet just about every state in the country will be passing laws to take away our rights to refuse vaccines forever. (Remember what happened when the Feds wanted us all to drive 55 and wear seatbelts?)

It’s clear that the battle for our personal rights has carried over into 2016. And the time to make your voice heard is now, before this movement gains any more steam.

The best way to find out what’s going on in your state is by checking the NVIC Advocacy Portal, which will tell you the status of a bill and who to contact, as well as providing a summary.

You can check it out here.

“The stand against forced vaccination across the states and the NVIC advocacy portal” Dawn Richardson, January 19, 2016, National Vaccine Information Center”