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NYC Board of Health forcing flu shots on babies

It’s blackmail, plain and simple!

For years I’ve been telling you how the government will lie, cheat and steal to get every one of us to line up for a risky flu shot.

But this may be their dirtiest trick yet.

New York City health officials are threatening to throw thousands of babies and toddlers out of daycare if their parents don’t get the flu vaccine pumped into their tiny bodies.

It’s a dirty move designed to hold working parents hostage, and it could be coming to your town next.

But at least one group of angry Big Apple moms say they’re not going to take it sitting down.

A slippery slope
Some people just never learn.

You’ll remember a couple years back when the Nanny State bureaucrats at the New York City Board of Health tried to ban all sodas larger than 16 ounces.

It practically caused a riot!

A group called New Yorkers for Beverage Choices garnered over 620,000 supporters, and a judge struck down the rule as illegal.

But it looks like the Board of Health still hasn’t gotten the message that folks in New York City take their health freedoms pretty darned seriously.

And they’re about to get a loud reminder.

The Board of Health has quietly passed a rule that has the city’s moms and dads fuming. If kids as young as six months old don’t have the flu shot by January 1, they’re going to be thrown out of daycare.

Right on their diapered little behinds.

These power-crazy officials aren’t fooling around with this, either. Any city daycare or school that allows a baby or toddler in its doors after the first of the year without that flu shot will be fined thousands of dollars.

It’s an extortion plot that John Gotti couldn’t have dreamt up. And it’s one of the worst vaccination overreaches I’ve ever seen by a government agency.

Fortunately, a group of city parents is standing up to these vaccine bullies in court.

A group of five mothers has filed a lawsuit in state Supreme Court claiming the city has “literally no legislative authority” to force the flu shot on our kids — or any of us for that matter.

Well, you can say that again. You see, the Board of Health is actually trying to make an end-run around the New York State Legislature — you know, people who were actually elected by the citizens — which already voted against mandatory flu shots for kids.

And shooting down that proposed law was one of the smartest things these politicians ever did. The flu shot comes with serious risks for young kids, including everything from dangerously high fevers to neurological diseases like Guillain-Barre syndrome.

“We should decide what is best for our children — not unelected individuals whom (we) can’t refuse to reelect or whom (we) don’t even know” the New York City mothers said in their affidavits.

Amen to that. And there’s plenty at stake here for all of us, whether you live in New York City or not.

New York City is part of a growing national movement I’ve been warning you about for months. One that’s already hit places like California and Rhode Island, where kids are being tossed out of school if they don’t get every single vaccine the state fancies.

If the New York City rule is upheld, it could be headed to a city near you next. And these unelected officials could start forcing dozens of other vaccines on our youngest children, too.

I’ll be watching this lawsuit closely. But here’s hoping that these health officials finally learned something they should have realized by now.

When it comes to health freedoms — and what’s best for their kids — you don’t mess with New Yorkers.

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