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Cleveland Clinic docs roll out dangerous way for women to get pregnant

Is one of America’s largest hospitals hatching a plan to prey on desperate women?

When you or a loved one is struggling to get pregnant, you know what a heartbreaking experience it can be. You’ve tried the hormone drugs, the in vitro fertilization — you’ve practically timed your ovulation cycle down to the minute.

But now a surgeon from the Cleveland Clinic is getting ready to roll out the most barbaric fertility treatment yet.

He’s asking women to sign up for a full uterus transplant!

It’s a highly risky surgery that’s already been proven a failure overseas. And if it comes to America, it’s practically guaranteed to leave countless disappointed mothers — and even deformed babies — in its wake.

Desperate measures
To hear the Cleveland Clinic’s Dr. Andreas Tzakis talk about it, getting a new uterus is about as simple as a root canal or having your tonsils out.

He’s getting ready to head up the first uterus transplants on American soil, and he says he’s “optimistic” the complication rates will be low.

But his optimism is looking a lot more like wishful thinking to me.

The surgery has been tried nine times in Sweden, and it’s produced more broken hearts than bundles of joy. Most of the women still haven’t gotten pregnant.

And a uterus transplant is every bit as gruesome as it sounds.

Your abdominal muscles are severed with a long incision (looks like you can forget that natural childbirth) and your uterus is replaced with one from a cadaver.

What could go wrong? Well, lots more than mainstream surgeons like Dr. Tzakis care to admit.

Because even if you dodge the infections, clots and other risks of surgery, your troubles are just beginning.

As with any organ transplant, you’ll be taking powerful anti-rejection drugs. And those meds aren’t healthy for you or baby.

Researchers from Rutgers University have warned that many of these immunosuppressant drugs have never been proven safe for developing fetuses. And in cases where research does exist, it’s downright horrifying.

Common meds like mycophenolate mofetil and azathioprine have been shown to harm babies. And mycophenolate mofetil has been linked to facial and limb deformities, cleft palate, and even damage to babies’ hearts, kidneys and brains.

The real fact is, nobody knows how far-reaching the harms could be to the fetus. But these are the exact drugs you’re supposed to be taking while you’re trying to get pregnant!

Listen, I know how painful it can be to have fertility problems when you’re trying to start a family. But the last thing the mainstream should be doing is lining its pockets while it turns your dream of a baby into a medical nightmare.

Unfortunately, I believe a lot of women will have no genuine idea of what they’re getting themselves into until it’s much too late.

And too many of them are going to learn the hard way that when surgeons start playing God, the results can be more devastating than we’ve ever imagined.

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