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'Cholesterol vaccine' being modeled on dangerous HPV shots

That mad scientist from your favorite horror movie has nothing on these guys.

For years our government and the mainstream have been forcing vaccines on us for diseases we have almost no chance of catching — or that were practically wiped off the planet decades ago.

But right now, researchers at a lab in New Mexico are cooking up the craziest scheme yet — a vaccine for something that isn’t even a disease!

They’re claiming they’ve developed a new shot that will keep you from ever getting high cholesterol.

But what you’re getting instead is a dangerous cocktail of the most frightening cholesterol meds ever invented — and a vaccine technology that’s been proven to kill.

Recycled danger

They say that pigs get fat and hogs get slaughtered.

And if you could say one good thing about the cholesterol-lowering PCSK9 inhibitor meds that hit the market this year, it’s that they’re getting slaughtered.

That’s because the greedy hogs at Big Pharma set the price for Praulent and Repatha at around $14,000 a year — and there’s not a snowball’s chance in Hades that your insurance will cover it.

So instead of admitting defeat (and writing off all those research dollars) the drug companies and scientists from the University of New Mexico now want to package the PCSK9 technology into a vaccine.

One you could get at your local CVS for a one-time fee — and that may be the most dangerous shot we’ve ever been asked to roll up our sleeves for.

I’ve been warning you for months about these PCSK9 meds and how they’re practically something out of a Frankenstein sequel.

You see, your body needs cholesterol to protect your muscles, your heart, and even your brain. But these drugs drive your cholesterol down to unheard of levels — like the kind you’d find in a newborn child.

And they do it by practically giving you a rare genetic disease.

That’s right. PCSK9 inhibitors actually play Nutty Professor with your genes to correct a so-called cholesterol disorder that might not be threatening your health at all. And during the clinical trials, researchers found serious brain problems among people taking the meds.

But as terrifying as these cholesterol drugs are, this experimental vaccine is something that Alfred Hitchcock and Stephen King couldn’t have dreamt up.

That’s because it uses bits of virus particles, just like two of the most dangerous vaccines around — the HPV shots Gardasil and Cervarix.

Dr. Bryce Chackerian from the University of New Mexico said researchers were surprised by the powerful immune system reaction that vaccines like Gardasil produce.

Well, that’s one way to put it, Dr. Chackerian.

Another way to put it is that the way these shots are designed forced them to attack the immune systems of countless girls around the world.

Girls whose stories I’ve been sharing for years — and who ended up paralyzed in wheelchairs, or even dead.

That’s some risk just to make your doc happy after your next blood test.

The new cholesterol vaccine has only been tested on animals so far (where are the folks from PETA when you need them?), but it’s being fast-tracked and could be headed your way soon.

When that happens, make sure you keep your sleeves in the down position.

And tell the hogs at Big Pharma that they’re not going to get fat off of you.


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