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Nine-year-old girl latest victim of paralyzing flu-shot reactions

Breanna Browning was a perfectly healthy fourth-grader.

That’s until a flu shot at school turned the Texas 9-year-old’s life into a living hell.

The vomiting started almost right away. Two days later she was blind and paralyzed from the waist down.
She’s now in a pediatric intensive care unit at Texas Children’s Hospital.

What happened to little Breanna exposes two important truths about the flu vaccine that Big Pharma and its government cronies will do anything to keep you from hearing.

The first truth: It comes with some very big risks we’re not being warned about.

The second truth: We’re risking our lives — and the lives of our children — for practically nothing.

Not by a long shot
What struck Breanna is a terrifying vaccine side effect you’ll almost never hear the mainstream or the federal government talk about.

It’s called acute disseminated encephalomyelitis, and the symptoms are like something out of a horror movie. Your immune system attacks your brain and spinal cord, causing swelling that can cause paralysis — or even kill you.

But while Breanna is fighting for her life, the flu vaccine spin machine has already shifted into high gear.

Take Dr. Judy Schaechter from the University of Miami. She had the nerve to try and smooth-talk Breanna’s tragedy away as just one of those risks we take in life.

“It’s the flu we need to fear,” she said. And then there’s that old mainstream standby when there’s nothing else to say — the benefits outweigh the risks.

Yeah, right. Take a look at the GoFundMe fundraising page set up by Brenna’s uncle (so the family can install an elevator in the girl’s home) and you’ll see that’s just not true.

Not by a longshot.

The page is filled with comments from others — of all ages — who have suffered similar reactions.

For example, Marcus writes how after receiving his first flu shot — at age 44 — he landed in the ICU totally paralyzed with Guillain-Barre Syndrome, a nervous system disorder. Catherine tells how GBS resulted in the death of her grandmother, and DeEllen’s father was paralyzed by it after a flu shot six years ago.

A young woman named Sarah donated to Breanna’s fund and left a message telling how the flu shot paralyzed her five years ago when she was 20. Sarah had to be put in a nursing home and on a feeding tube because she could no longer swallow.

And these responses are just a tiny fraction of the people who have had their lives devastated by the flu vaccine.

This summer I told you the shocking story of how the Feds quietly erased information from the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program website. You see, the numbers of people compensated by the vaccine court for flu-shot injuries has shot up like a space rocket.

In under two years, our government has paid out more than twice what it did the previous eight. A huge number of those settlements were for people with GBS.

And that’s the last thing the Feds want us to know.

Listen, the flu can be serious. But the idea that we’re all somehow risking our lives by skipping it is pure nonsense being pushed by the mainstream and the government.

And that doesn’t just go for healthy kids Breanna’s age, but also for lots of seniors who are having the shot forced on them.

Some years the flu vaccine — which is nothing more than a guess about which viruses will be circulating — has failed nine out of every 10 seniors who got it.

And a study done by the National Institutes of Health over ten years ago found that flu shots do nothing to protect the elderly. Even though vaccination rates have been going up since 1980, the researchers couldn’t connect that to fewer people dying — in any age group.

They even concluded that “studies substantially overestimate vaccination benefit.”

You can say that again.

But if there’s one thing that our government is trying to underestimate it’s the risk you’re taking every year when you roll up your sleeve.

A risk that Breanna’s family — and plenty like them — have learned about the hard way.

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