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Warning: Deadly new flu shot weeks away from FDA okay

Flu season just got a whole lot deadlier. And it’s not because of the flu — but the shot that’s supposed to prevent it.

The FDA is on the verge of unleashing a dangerous experimental vaccine called Fluad on millions of America’s seniors.

It’s supposed to be the next great leap in vaccine technology. But Fluad has a deadly secret ingredient that most people will never hear about.

It destroyed thousands of American soldiers’ lives after the first Gulf War and may have killed nearly 20 people just last year.

And now it could be headed to a doctor’s office or pharmacy near you.


Kill shot 

The next time your doctor tries to talk you into a flu vaccine, it looks like you’ll have two choices — one that probably won’t work, or one that could kill you.

For years the traditional flu vaccine has been failing as many as 90 percent of seniors who get the shot. But Fluad, the new, alternative vaccine about to hit the market, isn’t a better mousetrap — it’s starting to look a lot more like a death trap.

An FDA advisory panel recently recommended the agency approve Fluad, made by Novartis, for folks over 65.

You may have heard a bit about Fluad last year, when 19 seniors in Italy died within days of getting the shot.

At first the Italian government banned Fluad — but then they let it back on the market after investigators said they couldn’t find any evidence the shots were contaminated.

Well, of course not. Fluad doesn’t need to be contaminated — the poison that can kill you is actually one of its ingredients.

You see, Fluad is made with a dangerous “adjuvant” called MF59. Adjuvants are chemicals vaccine makers add to their shots to jumpstart your immune system.

But the problem with MF59 is that it contains a natural compound called squalene that’s found throughout your body. And when MF59 is injected into you, it can signal your immune system to attack squalene anywhere it can find it — including your brain.

And even if MF59 doesn’t kill you, it can leave you with neurological and other health problems you’ll be battling for the rest of your life.

MF59 was actually the secret, unapproved ingredient that was contained in the experimental anthrax vaccine given to hundreds of thousands of troops who served in the first Gulf War.

And it was the MF59 in those shots that is now considered to be the real reason behind the epidemic of Gulf War Syndrome in those vets. Doctors from Tulane University found that almost all of the vets ill with GWS had antibodies to MF59 in their blood.

Many of these brave men and women have spent more than 20 years dealing with debilitating symptoms like fatigue, dizziness, memory loss, joint pain and insomnia — all thanks to an ingredient the FDA now wants to force on millions of American seniors.

So what kinds of smoke-and-mirrors magic tricks is Novartis using to convince the FDA that MF59 is now safe?

None. Because it doesn’t have to.

Believe it or not, because MF59 isn’t considered an active ingredient it doesn’t have to undergo any kind of separate safety testing.

But I think the people who were killed or had their lives permanently ruined by MF59 would tell you it was plenty “active” in their bodies.

I wish I could tell you our government was going to do the right thing and protect you from Fluad and MF59 — but you know better by now. Fluad is going to be approved and on the market soon, maybe even in a matter of weeks.

And when Fluad turns up at your doctor’s office, just remember that there’s a foolproof plan for keeping it from wrecking — or even ending — your life.

Just keep that sleeve rolled down and tell your doc no.


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