Will mandatory shots for day care workers be next in California?

Our most fundamental freedoms may soon be going up in smoke — and California is lighting the match.

I told you how the state recently passed SB 277 — a mandatory vaccination law that tramples parents’ rights. It forces the full government vaccination schedule on every California student.

No exceptions allowed. No shots, no school.

But now the state’s pro-vaccine legislators are coming for the adults, too.

There’s a dangerous piece of legislation called SB 792 that’s wending its way through the California legislature right now. It would prosecute thousands of childcare workers unless they roll up their sleeves for three dangerous vaccines.

Shots that could lead these workers to sicken… or even kill… the very kids they’re supposed to protect.

Cheap shot
SB 792 would turn countless California workers… men and women who we trust to care for our youngest children… into criminals.

All for exercising their right to decide which vaccines they put into their bodies.

The bill would force all workers at day care centers, preschools, childhood education programs, and even family home day care to get the pertussis (whooping cough), MMR (measles, mumps and rubella) and flu vaccines.

“All this, despite the fact that there is no current or documented public health emergency linked to day care workers or preschool teachers,” said Bianca Amann, a California day care operator.

Under SB 792, it would be a crime for workers to refuse these vaccines on religious, personal, or any other grounds. Those who don’t comply could be hauled away in handcuffs during story circle or snack time.

But what’s really criminal is that the same vaccines being pushed by the California legislature could actually lead workers to spread harmful — or even deadly — diseases to kids.

I’ve told you before how vaccine viruses can “shed,” which means you can spread the disease after you’ve been vaccinated. In fact, a recent government study found that people who get the pertussis shot… as California childcare workers would be required to do under SB 792…may be contagious for a month or longer!

And as we saw during a recent whooping cough outbreak in Utah, adults can spread pertussis to kids even if the children have been vaccinated themselves.

SB 792’s sponsor, Senator Tony Mendoza, says the legislation is about doing “everything in our power to protect California’s children.”

But if this bill passes, these vaccinated workers could end up sickening a lot of kids instead… or worse.

Fortunately, despite the pro-vaccine hysteria that’s sweeping through California right now, there are still some honest lawmakers standing up for our freedoms.

Sen. Mike Morell says mandatory vaccination — especially when it eliminates religious exemptions — “tells deeply devout families that the government thinks it knows better.”

And Sen. Joel Anderson called bills like SB 792 a “serious attack on our liberty.”

Unfortunately, it looks like these types of attacks are just getting started, whether you live in California or not.

Now that SB 277 is on the books (and SB 792 is on its way) Big Pharma and its political pals will be looking to push mandatory vaccinations in more states and at the federal level.

In fact, this spring I told you about the National Adult Immunization Plan (NAIP) that was released by the Department of Health and Human Services and is drawing rave reviews from the drug companies.

It’s a five-year plan to use government programs like Obamacare and Medicare to make sure all American adults receive every shot on the adult vaccination schedule.

As far as SB 792 is concerned, only adults working in day care, preschool or early education facilities are being targeted for now.

But you can be sure this isn’t the end of it.

It’s starting to look like just the beginning.


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