More research slams HFCS, now linking it to heart disease

Is this single food additive the hidden cause of all modern disease?

Diabetes, liver failure, obesity — and now — heart disease. All connected to something we’re exposed to and eating every day.

I’m talking about added fructose. The kind found in high fructose corn syrup (HCFS).

Two alarming new studies are proving how even small amounts of fructose may be unleashing a wave of heart failures and even death.

And the trouble starts faster than anyone ever imagined.

Eating our hearts out
I recently told you about the epidemic of fatty liver disease in the U.S. It’s hitting kids — young kids — as well as adults. And experts are saying that a liver transplant crisis is just around the corner.

And it’s because all that fructose in our diet heads straight to our livers. I’m not talking about the fructose found naturally in fruit, but the kind produced in a laboratory from genetically modified corn.

And as if all that wasn’t bad enough, some new research has discovered that your liver isn’t the only vital organ at stake.

In a just-published study, researchers at the University of California gave 85 healthy people ranging in age from 18 to 40 drinks containing different amounts of HCFS. The team then took blood tests every hour during the day to look for signs of heart disease. Things like high levels of lipoproteins, triglycerides and uric acid.

And all it took was two weeks for these risk factors to start showing up — even for those who consumed the smallest amount of HFCS.

Men appeared to be in the greatest danger for fructose-triggered heart damage — and it made no difference if they gained any weight or not. So you can throw all those “obesity is the cause of everything” claims out the window.

This research comes right on the heels of another recent study out of Switzerland that connected added fructose consumption to serious heart problems. Scientists at the Zurich Institute for Molecular Health Sciences discovered fructose triggers a dangerous process that can lead to “uncontrolled growth of the heart muscle” and even heart failure.

That puts all of us at risk, because the average American is consuming more than 60 pounds of HFCS (not to mention other types of fructose) every single year — and that number continues to climb.

And you can’t steer clear of all that HFCS by just avoiding soda. At this point it can be found in foods as diverse as ketchup, cereals and bread.

If you want to start cutting fructose out of your life, look for HFCS on nutrition labels, as well as crystalline fructose, and of course, just plain fructose.

And don’t listen to those health-food nuts who claim agave syrup is healthy, either. Despite the fact that it comes from a cactus plant and not an ear of corn, that natural-sounding sweetener is nearly 100 percent pure fructose.

The good news is that once you drop fructose from your diet, the health benefits are almost immediate. The scientists who studied how fructose effects livers found that our bodies will start to naturally repair the damage after just nine days on a fructose-free diet.

Hopefully, the same holds true for our hearts. Because it’s clearer than ever that this unnatural — and dangerous — sweetener has been attacking them for years.


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