Docs claim to find connection between a frown and feeling down

Laugh, and the world laughs with you. Cry…well, then you’ll get a shot of Botox.


I almost feel like I’m making this one up. But it’s true — the newest idea to come down the pike for treating depression.

Apparently some depressed patients of a Maryland dermatologist reported that after getting Botox shots for wrinkles, they became happier.

So he ran that idea over to his friend, who coincidentally is a psychiatrist, and both docs wasted no time in publishing papers about the “discovery.” That led to more studies, more journal articles, two books on the topic and even appearances on television.

The principle behind how it “works,” they say, goes back to studies by Darwin. “Cues” from your face have a big effect on your emotions. Especially those frown muscles between the eyes.

Instead of depression, or sadness making those muscles contract into frown lines, the doctors say it can also go the other way. What they call “inbound messages.”

So by paralyzing those muscles with Botox, we could all be happier and depression free.

But the happiest people will be all the dermatologists cashing the checks…


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