ADHD drugs found never to have been tested for safety

For decades, Dr. Keith Conners at Duke University fought tooth and nail to make ADHD a “legitimate” medical condition.

But now, even the man who basically started it all says it’s time to get this monster under control.

After hearing the shocking number of children who are officially diagnosed with ADHD he was stunned. He called those numbers “preposterous.”

He said it’s nothing more than a fairy tale to justify giving kids “medication at unprecedented and unjustifiable levels.”

But it’s even worse than that. Much worse…

A runaway train

You see, all those medications given to millions of children everywhere, were never tested to see if they’re safe, if they “work” as intended, or even what the long-term consequences of taking them are.

Those unbelievable facts come from a new study. And they should send a chill down the spine of parents and grandparents everywhere.

If we could ever have a do-over, a chance to go back in time and stop a national disgrace, it should be for the drugging of a generation of children for a made-up disease.

Big Pharma has been allowed to run the ADHD show. To run deceptive ads and spin the science to doctors. And do whatever it takes to convince us that drugging millions of kids every day is perfectly okay.

But finally a group of doctor’s at Boston Children’s Hospital and the Department of Pediatrics at Harvard Medical School decided to find out what we know – and don’t know — about these drugs.

And what they discovered is sickening.

The study results show how drugs like Ritalin and Adderall came to be dispensed daily to little children, even toddlers, without ever really being tested. Not for long-term safety, or even for sudden adverse reactions.

One of the experts involved in the study said this should be a “wake-up call” and is “particularly troubling,” since these meds are prescribed so often and for such a long time.

First, the studies that were done by the drug makers – the ones presented to the FDA — were so small, they were almost worthless. Over 50 percent of these drugs were approved on trials with under 100 subjects.

And even these didn’t go on long enough to find out what the risks might be, or even if the drugs worked as intended.

The average length of time they were studied was only four weeks. And, remember, we’re talking about drugs children take for years on end. Many even take them for life!

And that four weeks of testing was probably considered long-term, because over a third weren’t even studied that long.

The senior author of the research, Dr. Kenneth Mandi from Harvard, called that a giant disconnect between how ADHD drugs are approved and how they are used.

But if you’ve ever read the side effects from these meds, that might tell us why.

Because when the drug you’re studying can cause hallucinations, hostility, seizures, abnormal heart rhythms, depression and death (and that’s just the short list), you probably don’t want the study going on for too long.

But incredibly, over the years it became the norm for millions of children to be turned into drug addicts. To go to school every day walking past signs that say “Drug-free school zone,” only to march down to the nurse’s office to get their “kiddie cocaine.”

So if any school official, nurse or even doctor tries to put your child on one of these meds, just say the same thing to them you’d tell your child to say if a friend tried to get them to use drugs:

Just say “no!”


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