Don't let your veterinarian give your cat this dangerous drug

There was another very important eAlert I sent you this year.

It’s about a pain med used in cats that can have terrible consequences.

The drug is called meloxicam — Metacam for short. And this drug is so dangerous for cats that the second dose can send them into kidney failure! That’s right, the second dose! And that warning comes right from the drug maker’s website.

This warning isn’t brand new — it was added in 2010, but your vet may not have seen it. And since it probably would be administered by your vet during an office visit, you’ll never see it either.

Fortunately, there are other drugs available if your cat needs medication for pain. It’s simply outrageous that Metacam is still allowed on the market.

So if your beloved cat is about to have surgery, ask what pain med your vet will be using. And if it’s Metacam, ask for a different drug. Or better yet, have them mark on your pet’s chart in big bold letters, NO METACAM!