So that shot to prevent pneumonia doesn't work? Take another one!

If you’re wondering if you should get a pneumonia shot, the CDC has an interesting answer for you.

“No…get two.”

In a convoluted, twisted statement, the CDC has come out with a recommendation that seniors may need two pneumonia vaccines.


Because they don’t think the first one works.

So rather than pull a recommendation or take the vaccine off the market, they are saying you should subject yourself to a second vaccine.

But this one might be more than just ineffective. It could be downright dangerous.

It’s called Prevnar 13. And it’s one that has been worrying experts — and parents — for several years. That’s because it started out as a vaccine for infants and children.

In kids, it’s linked to seizures, lung infections, stomach inflammation and pneumonia – yes pneumonia.

For adults it’s been linked to “vaccine-type pneumonia,” hundreds of “serious adverse events,” and deaths — over 3,000. But (of course) Pfizer insists that none of those deaths were “considered” to be “related” to the vaccine.

But ignoring all that, the CDC still said it’s vitally important that those over 65 get the second shot…or so it thinks.

That’s right, even that shot-happy agency isn’t exactly sure that this is a good idea. So it’s going to take another look in four years. And maybe tell us to stop taking the second shot at that time.

But we don’t need to wait until 2018 to not get this shot.

The best plan of action is to roll down both sleeves and say “no” twice.

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