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The flu-vaccine ingredient that will make you run for cover

[Exposed] Are they really putting this in your flu shot?

Novartis says it’s “time to rethink the flu.”

But what it’s done is something I don’t even want to think about.

And neither will you.

Because Big Pharma’s latest experiment — on all of us — is shocking and horrifying. And everyone’s at risk — infants, kids, adults and especially seniors.

It wasn’t bad enough that we’re eating GM foods — but now they want us to become genetically modified!

Last month there was a big gathering of VIPs from the CDC and Novartis.

They were hailing the new Novartis flu-shot manufacturing site in Holly Springs, N.C.

And this isn’t just any vaccine-making facility, but the very first location in the U.S. where “novel cell-based manufacturing technology” will take place.

Quick translation: cells from animals will be used to make flu shots there.

That shiny new facility in Holly Springs is busy making Flucelvax. It’s the first animal cell-cultured flu vaccine to be approved by the FDA.

The “animal” part of Flucelvax is called “Madin Darby Canine Kidney cell protein,” or MDCK.

Kidney cells from a female cocker spaniel are “brewed” in thousand-gallon fermenting tanks along with the flu virus.

That’s right — the Flucelvax shot is made from — and contains — dog cell proteins and dog cell DNA.

With each Flucelvax jab you’re getting a little bit of cocker spaniel DNA shot into you.

Using cells to make flu shots is fairly new. The “old” way, which used hundreds of thousands of fertilized chicken eggs every day to “incubate” the viruses took a long time. The government said we weren’t “at the ready” if a new pandemic should arise.

A “pandemic” like the remote idea that millions in the U.S. were going to die from the bird flu in 2006.

After that CDC-sponsored scam, the feds started pouring in money to build that new Novartis plant. Much of the $1 billion it cost to construct came from our tax dollars.

Now don’t think the FDA isn’t “concerned” about dog genes being shot into us. So to make sure we’re “safe,” the agency set a limit on how much dog DNA can be in the vaccine.

But really…is any amount safe? Can anyone really say they know for sure?

If you ask the FDA, it will probably tell you it needs more time to figure this out. It’s only been talking about this dog DNA issue since 1998, for heaven’s sake.

But that’s not all they might be experimenting with in Holly Springs.

I found out there’s another fetal cell line out there called PER. C6. It’s an experimental vaccine “ingredient,” made from the retinal cells of an 18-week-old aborted baby.

Now to hear the doctor who “made” this cell-line in his lab talk about it, you would think he’s referring to a used car he wants to buy, not what was once a growing human being.

But he also tells about how valuable PER. C6 is to the drug industry. In fact, over 50 different companies took out a license to experiment on vaccines using PER. C6.

Could Novartis be working on a PER. C6 fetal-cell vaccine in that big, new billion-dollar facility where all that “novel cell-based manufacturing technology” is going on?


Will we ever be able to find out?

Probably not.

But one thing we can all positively do is to refuse to get a flu shot.

Whether it contains dog DNA, human DNA or any other immoral and disgusting thing Big Pharma wants to experiment with, we do not have to roll up our sleeves and take it.


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