Google geniuses search for the fountain of youth

It looks like all these youthful geniuses who gave us this amazing computer technology are shocked by one of the fundamental rules of life.

We all get older — and that includes them.

And as they start to hit some milestone birthdays, like 40, or gasp, 50, they’re getting nervous.

And like modern-day Ponce deLeons, they’re heading off to search for that fountain of youth.

So it’s no big surprise that Calico, Google’s new heath company, is focusing on anti-aging discoveries.

Calico, which will be headquartered just a stone’s throw from its Mountain View, Calif. Google offices, also knows where the money is. It just partnered with drug maker Abbvie, which provided the company with $250 million. And it’s hoping for an additional billion.

The Calico scientists will do the research (maybe helped along by Google searches!). And Abbvie will make the drugs and find the human guinea pigs to test them on. It will also develop and market them.

Of course for a venture such as this, they needed some “senior” experience at the helm. Calico’s CEO, who was its first and only employee for some time, might also be its oldest, at the advanced age of 64.

Other Google ventures have included a “space elevator,” research into “teleportation,” (like in Star Trek), cars that drive themselves and Google glass. That’s a wearable head-band like computer that will allow you to always be “connected.”

So it seems logical that this group thinks it can find the answer to everything. Even aging.

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