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Biggest health scam ever continues to unravel

Fluoride: More dangerous than we thought? [new study]

It will end up being known as the greatest scam in history.

No, I’m not talking about some Ponzi scheme. I’m talking about the most widespread, government-supported, industry-hyped con of all.

And what this takes from us is worse than money. This deception is destroying our health — and our kids’ future.

It’s one that’s so fixed in our minds that all you have to do is say “fluoride” and most people will still immediately think “strong, healthy teeth.”

And even though the fluoride myth has been unravelling over the years, the truth seems to have hit a brick wall with our government regulators.

Because while the feds fiddle around with what a “safe” level of fluoride in water should be, other experts have made some very important new findings.

How is it that a country that prides itself on such high education standards can continue to promote fluoride?

Because what study after study is finding out is that fluoride can lower a child’s IQ.

But it’s much worse than just scoring a few points down on an IQ test. Research has also shown that early fluoride exposure can actually damage a child’s brain.

And after taking a close look at over two dozen of these studies, scientists from both the Harvard School of Public Health and a medical university in China said that this needs to be a “high research priority.”

Phillippe Grandjean, the senior author of a published study on those findings, says that the risk of fluoride is right up there with other brain toxins like lead and mercury.

So while there are very strict laws about lead paint to protect kids, the EPA, FDA and CDC continue to hype fluoride just like it’s a benign substance.

The National Research Council advised the EPA eight years ago that the maximum amount of fluoride permitted in water needed to be reduced. The levels permitted, it said, were just too toxic.

And the EPA, acting as quickly as the FDA does on urgent matters, is still thinking about it.

Are you kidding me? This agency is told that a toxic substance is damaging kids’ brains, and after nearly a decade it still hasn’t acted?

Maybe its problem is all that fluoride in the D.C. water!

Well, as I’ve been saying for many years, my idea of a “safe” amount of fluoride added to drinking water is none — as in zero.

And I’m not alone.

Dr. William Hirzy, who was a senior risk assessment scientist at the EPA, is one of a number of experts in the field who have been saying the same thing.

He’s now part of the Fluoride Action Network, a group that tells people about the danger of water fluoridation — with a lot of science to back it up.

The group just held its fifth “citizens’ conference” on fluoride. Dr. Hirzy attended, as did those researchers involved in that big study from Harvard and China.

They wanted to warn as many people as they could about the evidence that it can lower a child’s IQ.

But what these experts want you to know most of all is that where fluoride is concerned there is “no margin of safety” protecting us.

And even more important, none protecting our kids.

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