Diabetes rates may skyrocket as statins start being prescribed far more often

Is a new, drug-induced super epidemic of diabetes on the way?

Something terrible is happening in the U.K.

And it could be coming our way soon.

The Brits are the first ones at risk. But you can bet your bottom dollar that this dangerous new drug-induced epidemic will be here next.

And it’s headed straight for your doctor’s office.

So make like a Boy Scout and Be Prepared.

The setup has been coming…slowly but surely.

First, we did away with those cholesterol target numbers. That didn’t seem to be selling enough of these risky meds to satisfy the drug makers.

So the numbers game was replaced by a heart risk “calculator.” Answer seven easy questions and bingo, you’ll see if you need to be drugged for life! That “calculator” boiled down to an immediate increase of over 13 million of us in the U.S. who will now “need” these drugs.

But what just fell on the Brits is about as bad as it gets.

It’s the next chapter in the “Statins for Everyone” story.

At first, U.K. docs were only prescribing these drugs to those who had a 30 percent or greater risk for heart disease in the next 10 years. Then it dropped to 20 percent eight years ago.

And now it was just lowered to 10 percent!

That’s right, anyone considered to have a 10 percent chance of heart disease in the next decade is to immediately start on Lipitor. That adds another 4.5 million in the U.K. to the statin rolls.

The Brits have used their own version of our spin-the-wheel calculator to come up with those figures. It asks 13 questions, which they can answer right on their home computers.

But when those same recommendations hit the U.S., the number of people in jeopardy for being prescribed these drugs will be much, much higher.

Those 10 percent guidelines came directly from the U.K.’s answer to our CDC — an agency called NICE. And NICE isn’t shy about directly saying what its drug of choice is…Lipitor.

Of course this has raised some eyebrows over there, causing experts to ask just where this new “risk” percentage might be coming from.

Well, it turns out the NICE guidelines came directly from industry data that not only “exaggerated the benefits” of the drug, according to one doctor, but also “under-reported harm.”

And docs over there have been growing suspicious about this “research” for some time. In May, a national conference was held where top doctors passed — unanimously — a motion calling for NICE to give a full disclosure of just where its “facts” were coming from and why all the side effects from statins are not being considered.

And we’re talking about side effects like diabetes. Whenever statin sales go up, cases of diabetes rise right along with them.

A just-out study that looked at over 115,000 thousand statin users found a “clear-cut association between adherence to statin therapy and risk of new-onset diabetes in a real-world setting.”

And that is not a new finding at all. Earlier this year another study put the number of new diabetes cases in statin users to one in five! And women seem to be much more prone to the statin diabetes risk than men are.

But all these risk “calculators” and percentage numbers may just be the tip of the iceberg for a dangerous new trend of drugging the healthy that will end up making us all as sick as possible.

So get ready. Because if you’ve somehow managed to avoid the “Lipitor” conversation with your doctor, it’s coming. But remember, the only thing that’s changed about this drug is the marketing plan. It’s still just as dangerous as ever.

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