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Giant agribusiness company jumps on the NO GMO bandwagon

If you can’t fight them, join them.

That appears to be what the giant agribusiness company Cargill is doing.

For years, those of us who don’t care to be guinea pigs have been demanding products free of GMOs.

Now, it looks like our demands are starting to be recognized by a big company that’s decided to cash in on the non-GM movement.

Cargill, a longtime big defender of genetically modified foods, has just started manufacturing a certified non-GM soybean oil. An oil made from “identity-preserved, conventionally bred soybeans.”

The company said that “despite the many merits of biotechnology, consumer interest in food and beverage products made from non-GM ingredients is growing, creating opportunities and challenges for food manufacturers and food service operators.”

Translation: more and more consumers are rejecting GM products, and Cargill doesn’t want to be on the losing side when the GM battle is over.

Of course, it may not be that easy to get that non-GM oil. It seems that most of it has already been bought up by one food maker.

We’re also told that going back to the kind of oil made before Monsanto got control of crops like soy isn’t that easy. They have to be protected from “co-mingling” with GM crops during processing, storage and transportation.

And it isn’t easy to find all those non-GM seeds, either. But it’s good to know they’re “identity” has been “preserved” for posterity. Because we’re going to need them a lot sooner than that.


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