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Animal protein a better bet to lower your stroke risk

Here’s something to tell the tofu-eating vegetarian crowd:

People who eat more animal protein are less likely to have a stroke.

Researchers in China looked at studies that followed thousands of people for over 14 years.

They found people who had the highest amount of protein in their diets were 20 percent less likely to have a stroke compared to those who ate the least amount of protein.

And the protein they found the most beneficial was from fish.

The amounts of protein the researchers said seemed to be effective in lowering your stroke risk weren’t that much, just 20 grams a day. That’s as little as a 3 ounce turkey or chicken breast or 3 ounces of fish.

They believe that protein can lower blood pressure and that may be the reason for the reduced stroke risk.

One of the researchers even said that if people around the world could up their protein intake, that could “translate to more than 1.4 million fewer deaths from stroke each year worldwide.”

So there’s another good excuse to eat out tonight — at your favorite seafood restaurant!


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