Your kitchen might contain some of the best defenses against cancer

Lately, I’ve been seeing more and more evidence that your odds of getting cancer — and other diseases — can be lowered by eating certain kinds of foods.

Now, a study has shown how that might apply to ovarian cancer.

After looking at 2,300 women, both with and without this kind of cancer, the research team found that certain food ingredients might well play a role in preventing it.

Those whose diets were rich in red wine, celery, tomato sauce, cauliflower, and raisins seemed to have the most protection. Eating nuts, chocolate, kale, beans, spinach, and carrots appeared to lower the risk still further.

The researchers believe that ovarian cancer might be warded off by one particular ingredient — a flavonoid called apigenin. But they also think the best protection comes from the interaction of the ingredients found in various natural foods, rather than just eating one thing.

Hmm, chocolate, red wine? That doesn’t sound too hard to do. Just be sure and eat those fruits and veggies along with them.

“Flavonoids can protect women from ovarian cancer” Emily Main, Rodale News,