This new heart risk calculator can help you stay off drugs

While American heart groups were busy drawing up a new “heart risk calculator” to get millions more of us on statins, a British research team has been working on another kind of ‘cardio-calculator’.

This new tool is designed to estimate the heart’s “true age.” And the idea was to show how lifestyle changes can result in changes in heart health that can keep you off of drugs.

It considers various risk and lifestyle factors, as well as things like blood pressure, cholesterol levels and medical problems. Then it predicts how long a person can expect to live before having a heart attack or stroke.

But here’s the part I liked best. The researchers said that for most people, heart age can be extended by adopting a healthier lifestyle rather than being prescribed drugs.

They name the usual changes. You know… things you’re always being nagged about like quitting smoking, healthier eating, exercising more and sitting less.

Take it for a spin by clicking here

But don’t blame me if you opt for a spinach salad instead of that double cheeseburger, or a long walk over an hour of playing Candy Crush!



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