Is that pill your doctor prescribed sabotaging your efforts to lose weight?

What if there’s another reason we’re gaining weight? Something besides eating at Mickey D’s or not getting enough exercise?

Well, according to obesity expert Dr. Seun Sowemimo, taking prescription drugs could be one of the things that’s making us fat.

He recently spoke to some 60 New Jersey primary-care physicians and specialists about why two-thirds of Americans are now overweight or obese. And one cause, he suggested, is the drugs prescribed for things like diabetes, thyroid conditions and depression.

“As a society, we often perceive that obesity is a personal problem” and put all the blame on patients, he noted. But “in fact many medications influence…appetite, satiety and metabolism, creating effects that aren’t entirely under a patient’s conscious control.”

Now here’s the ironic part. Becoming obese, he said, may well be a sign that serious health problems are apt to come next. Problems like high blood pressure, heart disease, cancer or diabetes.

So let’s see. First doctors prescribe drugs that cause people to gain weight. And that leads to conditions for which they then need even more drugs (if not more of the same ones).

Maybe it’s time that “may cause obesity” was included as one of those side effects mentioned in drug commercials. I’ll bet that would cause people to avoid them even more than the really scary sounding ones like “…may result in death.”

And one more thing…just a note for Kate Trunk. I wanted you to know I’m thinking of Marcus today. I often do, but especially today.