Study links diet soda consumption to higher heart attack, stroke risk

The dangerous secret hidden in every can of ‘diet’

I think it’s about time diet soda had a name change. Let’s just take the “t” out of “diet.”

Even though last year Coke said it was going to fix the “confusion” about diet sweeteners with a big ad campaign, there is nothing to fix.

Because there is no confusion.

Diet sodas are killers.

If a diet Coke or Pepsi ad was a drug commercial, the list of side effects would be so long it would never fit in a 30, or even 60-second spot.

That’s because the fake sweetener in nearly all diet beverages, aspartame, has a rap sheet longer than Bonnie and Clyde.

And now it looks to be especially dangerous for women.

A new study that tracked nearly 60,000 women has found those who regularly drank just two or more diet drinks a day had a much higher risk of dying from heart disease than those who rarely or never did.

And not by a little bit, either.

Researchers found that the diet soda drinkers increased their chances of heart attacks and stroke by 30 percent. And if that’s not enough, they also have an increased risk of dying from them by 50 percent.

Again, that was found with as few as two diet drinks a day!

This certainly isn’t the first time diet sodas have been linked with heart disease. But it is the first time researchers have studied just women.

The results came out of data from the big Women’s Health Initiative study, you know, the one that uncovered the dangers of HRT. So we know the study has been following a lot of women for a very long time. And this was the biggest look yet at women who drink diet sodas.

The lead researcher, Dr. Ankur Vyas said the study “could have major public health implications.” And then he added “we have a responsibility to do more research to see what is going on.”

Say what? We see what’s going on already, Dr. Vyas. Diet sodas can cause heart disease and are especially bad for women. How much more do you need to know?

But this is big business. And after all these years of having diet soda being hyped as good for you — a no-cal alternative to regular soda – I guess that it’s hard to break that bubble.

And unless you know about the many adverse effects of aspartame, it’s logical to think of it as “healthy.” A good way to cut a lot of sugar out of your diet.

But in reality it’s just the opposite. Especially where your heart is concerned.

This isn’t the only study to link diet soda to deadly heart problems. In 2011 research presented at the American Stroke Association conference said that drinking diet soda every day is associated with a 48 percent higher risk of heart attacks and stroke.

And way back in 2008, research appearing in the mainstream American Heart Association’s journal Circulation implicated diet soda as a cause in raising the risk for heart disease and diabetes by causing “metabolic syndrome.”

That’s like a whole frat party of heart-disease risk factors, likes high cholesterol and blood sugar.

Fewer calories? Sure. Healthier? You’d have a better chance against Bonnie and Clyde.


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