Another reason for youth crowd to shun Obamacare

Who saw this one coming?

Looks like the geek crowd would rather be playing computer games than going to the Obamacare “marketplace” and helping to support the nightmare they helped create.

This is the same crowd that worked day and night to get their man in office — the 18-to-34 year-old liberals.

Over the three-months since the wobbly web site was launched, only 24 percent of total sign-ups are coming from those loyal followers.

To keep the whole mess from falling into a sinkhole from the get-go, a large pool of healthy younger people need to start paying for the program, and fast.

Even those who pushed this disaster forward warn that if the younger crowd isn’t part of the plan by at least 40 percent, it’s in big trouble.

To get them going in taking the policy plunge, a nonprofit, “Enroll America,” created a YouTube party called “Tell a friend — get covered.” The shindig included music, Twitter babble and comedy skits.

Even Richard Simmons was there, performing a “Dance-Off.” While Simmons was rolling on the floor (his version of a ‘break dance’, perhaps?), a hypnotic-sounding voice kept repeating, “his moves are telling us something: G E T C O V E R E D.”

Richard Simmons? Really? And they hope to attract 18-to-34-year-olds?

Looks like whoever built the Obamacare site is now in charge of the talent.

“State Health insurance marketplaces boost outreach efforts” Karen Pallarito, HealthDay, 1/16/2014,

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