For prostate health, forget PSA -- "HIFU" are the four most important letters you need to know

The new way to spell prostate–without the p, s or a

That’s right. For better prostate health, it’s time to forget the PSA.

“HIFU” are the four most important letters you need to know.

HIFU is High Intensity Focused Ultrasound. It’s a revolutionary alternative to radiation treatment that will save lives. And it does it without leaving men incontinent and impotent like surgery and radiation do.

Yes…this is a long way from your father’s prostate cancer treatment.

A colossal cure rate

When I first told you about HIFU last year, FDA officials had not yet given their golden stamp of approval. In typical bureaucratic dumbed-down form, they’ve dragged their feet for another year.

But new research might finally force a change.

In a 6-year study of nearly 150 prostate cancer patients treated with HIFU, the cure rate was astounding. It was described as “greater than 99%.” Which sounds a lot like 100% to me.

What’s more impressive, some men went into the study with high grade cancer. And even they had excellent results.

And every one of these men avoided the worst side effects of radiation treatment.

With regulatory approval already in place in many countries, including the European Union, this is clearly the future of prostate cancer treatment.

While the US trails behind, men in North America can currently get HIFU treatment in Canada, Mexico, and the Caribbean.

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