Add healthy years to your life by controlling inflammation with two simple steps

Are you falling victim to this hidden cause of aging?

We’ve all seen it. Two people, the same age. One full of life, active, looking and acting WAY younger than his driver’s license says (and he still has a driver’s license!). The other is just old…sick all the time, taking tons of prescriptions, tired, cranky…and the list goes on.

New research reveals the one difference between the two — and it has nothing to do with genetics.

This insidious threat plays a key role in dementia, bone loss, type 2 diabetes, cancer, heart disease and most of the other health disasters we all pray to avoid.

But it does all this dirty work behind the scenes. So even your doctor might never know it’s there.

Wolf at the door

You’ve probably heard the buzz about inflammation before. But it’s far worse than we thought.

Researchers already warned us that aging cells basically “turn on” chronic, low-level inflammation.

But now they’ve zeroed in on a specific immune sensor that activates this inflammation which causes such a dramatic decline. The sensor is called Nlrp3 inflammasome. And the inflammation it sets off can make you old and sick — fast.

You might feel — and look — fine. Your doctor might not have a formal diagnosis. Or you might not even be seeing your doctor. Meanwhile, this inflammation goes to work quietly — basically sabotaging your insulin-resistance, brain function, bone density, and other critical markers.

The trick will be in figuring out how to turn off the trigger on that sensor without completely screwing up your immune system.

We already know there are ways to keep a lid on inflammation. So I talked with Dr. Spreen and we came up with two key steps you can take today, and everyday, to keep the wolf from the door…

1. Spend less time on the couch. You don’t have to join a gym or buy a treadmill. Just get up and stay active. The less time you spend on the couch, the better.

2. Avoid simple carbs and added sugars in your diet. Unless you have serious blood sugar issues, you don’t have to go cold turkey today. Consider it a long-term project. But don’t put it off. All that sugar just feeds inflammation.

As dire as the inflammation threat is, these two simple steps will work wonders in controlling it and keeping you feeling younger, longer.

Then — to go the extra mile in curbing inflammation — Dr. Spreen recommends these supplements…

* Omega-3 fatty acids

* Vitamin E (mixed tocopherols)

* Vitamin C

* Curcumin

* Boswellia

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