The evidence is in -- artificial sweetener consumption is a national health crisis

When less is more and more and more…

It might be the biggest sham ever in the food industry.

Diet sodas have exploded on the scene, promising delicious taste, faster weight loss and healthier blood sugar.

But what they’ve delivered is the exact opposite.

Turns out this diet crutch is much more likely to make you gravely ill than help you lose even a pound.

Common sense is as common sense does

If you saw anything about this in the news, the report probably focused on diet sodas.

In new research, Purdue psychological sciences professor Susan E. Swithers puts it bluntly. She reports that anyone who drinks just ONE diet soda a day increases their risk of the heart disease, type 2 diabetes, stroke and weight gain, as well as high blood pressure and metabolic syndrome.

She found irrefutable evidence of these links in the San Antonio Heart Study. She found them in the Nurses’ Health Study. She found them in the Health Professionals Follow-up Study.

These and other large studies all led Swithers to the same conclusion…

Everyday consumption of ANY artificially sweetened food or beverage is a danger to your health.

And all three of the main culprits — aspartame, sucralose, and saccharin — are equally bad

Swithers knows this runs against common sense. After all, it seems logical to choose food and beverages with less sugar and less calories. But as she puts it, “Common sense is not always right.”

It’s good to see the mainstream finally waking up to the fact that “zero calories” doesn’t mean “zero risk.” But this certainly isn’t first wakeup call — or the loudest. Click on this link to read about Framingham Heart Study research that linked daily diet soda drinking to weight gain and metabolic syndrome.

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