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Another detail your oncologist would rather you NEVER know about chemotherapy...

Double-edged sword

A few days ago, I told you how chemotherapy sometimes causes secondary cancers.

For many people — even survivors who have been through it all — this is shocking and unsettling news. (To say the least!)

Could it get any worse?

Tragically, it could.

Fuel for the fire

We can now add this new evidence about chemo to the list of things your oncologist may not have warned you about (or even known about himself!)…

In some cases, chemo might actually fuel the very cancer it’s supposed to kill.

The primary danger with chemo is DNA damage. Researchers were studying this threat when they made an alarming discovery.

They found that DNA in healthy cells, damaged by chemo, caused a massive secretion of proteins. And one of these proteins was doing the unthinkable. It was essentially feeding the cancer cells, helping them grow.

Researchers discovered high levels of the protein in healthy cells surrounding various types of tumors in chemo-treated patients.

This is devastating.

In the past, cancer patients might endure the harshest chemo side effects in the hopes that the misery would all be worth it. That when it was over, they would be healthier and stronger.

But in some patients, that misery is compounded by actually increasing the cancerous load.

As I’ve mentioned many times, there are ways to treat cancer without chemo or radiation. And you certainly don’t have to risk promoting the cancer you’re trying to defeat.

You can find out more about one of those natural cancer killers here.

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