Your freedom to choose safe, natural hormone replacement therapy is under attack again -- this time from Congress

Going overboard

If you want to completely botch a project, just ask U.S. Senators to handle it.

They hunt mosquitoes with bazookas.

That’s how the Senate insanely overreached after last year’s tragedy in Massachusetts. Tainted steroids from a compounding pharmacy caused several deaths.

Legal action began immediately. The pharmacy shut down. But Congressional bloviators couldn’t leave it at that. They launched a bill to completely overhaul regulation of compounding pharmacies.

And gee — you’ll never guess what an amazing coincidence occurred. It just so happens that this regulatory overreach would benefit one of the most powerful drug companies in the world.

That’s bad enough. But this action could also put your health at serious risk.

Voices carry

You have to hand it to drug companies. They take what they want. Or they try to. And they’re shameless about it.

A few years ago, Wyeth Pharmaceuticals petitioned the FDA to force restrictions on bioidentical hormones. No shock there. Wyeth makes synthetic hormone replacement therapy (HRT). The Wyeth petition was just a blatant business move.

You know who helped shut that one down? Women.

When the FDA asked for public comment, they heard from thousands of women. They explained how BHRT from compounded pharmacies alleviated menopausal symptoms and safely improved the quality of their lives.

From what I hear, the petition pushed the bounds of FDA authority. Then when testimonials poured in, officials shelved it.

So why do you suppose our senators are now so interested in overhauling regulation of compounding pharmacies? Is it because they’re suddenly concerned about safety? Hah! I guarantee, there’s a full court press of drug industry lobbying behind their newfound “safety” concerns.

The Senate bill is just as blatant as Wyeth was. The bill would take power away from women and give it to the FDA and their drug company cronies. And this time, the FDA could flex this new muscle to ban BHRT.

Women, it’s time to raise your voices again. Men, you’re in this too. Thousands of you guys benefit from natural testosterone from compounding pharmacies. (Not to mention from your wives getting the relief they need.)

A website called My Meds Matter has provided an easy way to send messages to your senators and representatives here. I urge you to take advantage and add your voices to the thousands.

In the boldest terms, we have to tell Congress, the FDA, and Wyeth that we refuse to hand over our access to safe, natural hormone therapy.

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