An allergy might require that you give up something you love -- find out how to dodge that sacrifice

“You’ll have to cut chocolate out of your diet.”

As doctors’ orders go, that’s not exactly a nightmare. But you can bet that millions would never want to hear those words.

I know I wouldn’t!

Sadly, chocolate might be the first to go if you have a nickel allergy.

You see, cocoa is the number one dietary source of nickel. And cocoa is the main ingredient of chocolate. Especially dark chocolate. You know, the kind that’s GOOD for you.

About one in 10 people are allergic to nickel. And those with pronounced sensitivity should probably avoid other dietary nickel sources. These include whole wheat, soy, corn, and beer.

Beer! I know that one will break a few hearts too.

But, there is an escape clause.

Some might avoid dietary problems with this little trick… Take a vitamin C supplement with each meal. That inhibits nickel absorption. And, of course, there’s no downside to vitamin C use.

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