This super antioxidant really does boost your energy AND your immune defense, new research confirms

It’s settled. And this is great news for everyone who wants to improve their immune response.

I assume you fall into that category, right?

For years, I’ve been telling you about the value of glutathione. This super antioxidant is a powerful cell protector. It also provides significant immune system support. And when glutathione levels are high, you’re likely to feel more alert and energetic.

That’s pretty good bang for your supplement buck.

But some scientists have wondered if oral glutathione is able to survive the digestive tract intact. If not, it couldn’t boost your body’s store of this valuable disease fighter.

New research settles it. And it’s rock-solid… “Can do!”

Six months of daily glutathione supplements in healthy adults significantly boosted blood levels. Supplementation also increased function of natural killer cells. That means immune defense is right where you want it.

One researcher put it like this… Sufficient supplementation “may represent an effective intervention strategy for disease prevention.”

That’s a lot to ask of a supplement. But clearly, glutathione delivers.

“Clinical Tests Demonstrate Long-Term Effectiveness of Oral Glutathione Supplements” PR Newswire, 5/7/13,

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