How do you like your salmon? Normal? Or Frankensalmon?

Man vs. food

How do you like your salmon? Normal? Or Frankenfish?

Actually, your preference won’t matter. Because grocers will never tell you whether you’re buying a real salmon, or a genetically engineered super-fast-growing monster.

Yesterday, I told you about the recent FDA action that could lead to approval of a GE salmon called AquAdvantage.

That approval would set the stage for a potential environmental disaster.

But there’s another possible disaster waiting in the wings.

It’s the disaster on your dinner plate.

Poison for profits

AquAdvantage would be the first genetically modified animal introduced into our food supply.

Is it a more nutritious fish? No.

Will it benefit consumers in any way? No.

The “advantage” in AquAdvantage will only be enjoyed by executives for AquaBounty. That’s the company that developed this GE fish.

So the public takes the risk. AquaBounty takes the money.

Two years ago, I first told you about AquAdvantage when it was the subject of an FDA hearing. One of the committee members at that hearing told The New York Times, “I do get heartburn when we’re going to allow post-market surveillance to finalize our safety evaluation.”

Heartburn? That will be the LEAST of the safety issues.

GE expert Jeffrey Smith points to evidence that eating AquAdvantage salmon might increase health risks in three ways…

1) Cancer, due to higher levels of a hormone that has the potential to promote cancer
2) Increased antibiotic intake
3) Allergens — which might be life-threatening for some

Michael Hansen of the Consumers Union reviewed the FDA data. He says the agency hasn’t adequately researched the potential for allergic reactions. He also notes that AquaBounty conducted allergy tests with only six AquAdvantage fish. And researchers DID find an allergy-causing potential.

Even so, the FDA claims the fish are safe to eat.

Sound familiar? That’s FDA business as usual when it comes to safety. It appears they’re once again crossing their fingers, hoping for the best.

As I said yesterday, AquAdvantage will be the first approval of a GE farm animal. So once the FDA takes us through this door, there’s no going back. That’s why it’s crucial that we let the agency know — right now — that we don’t want to cross this line without exhaustive independent research.

Last month, when agency officials released the environmental assessment, they opened a 60-day comment period.

This is our one and only opportunity to speak up.You can make your voice heard by letting the FDA know that we will not tolerate Frankenfish in our food supply.

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