It is really dementia? Several common health issues can mimic cognitive decline

Alzheimer’s patients who discontinue drugs may not find dementia relief.

Don’t despair. You’re just getting started. Many health issues also mimic Alzheimer’s.

Vitamin deficiency is common. AD patients are typically deficient in these nutrients…

* Calcium
* Iron
* Zinc
* Vitamin A
* Vitamin K
* Omega-3 fatty acids

Another condition is low sodium levels. How many seniors do you know who avoid salt?

Um… ALL of them? (A slight exaggeration. But not by much.)

Three low sodium symptoms parallel dementia… confusion, fatigue, and poor balance.

NPH (buildup of brain fluid) also mimics dementia. More than 10% of seniors may suffer from NPH. Doctors can treat NPH with a stent. It often reverses dementia symptoms.

Bottom line… Never accept an AD or dementia diagnosis at face value.

“Alzheimer’s Disease — A Functional Approach” David Perlmutter, M.D., Townsend Letter for Doctors & Patients, July 2002,

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