Learn how to identify and reduce electropollution in your home and workplace

If you live in a remote cabin with no electricity, no laptop, and no smart phone, I’m not sure how you’re reading this. But I do know one thing about you. You’re not immersed in a toxic cloud.

Electropollution. That’s the way HSI Panelist Ann Louise Gittleman, Ph.D., CNS, describes this cloud. It’s made up of electromagnetic fields (EMFs) generated by electrical and wireless devices. They’re in our homes, offices, schools, cars, stores — just about everywhere.

That’s unsettling. Even if we take good care of our health, we’re still vulnerable. For many, it may be the source of…

* Chronic headaches
* Autism
* Asthma
* Insomnia
* Fatigue
* Irritability

It can even toast your skin if you rest your laptop in the place it should never go… Your lap.

Ann Louise is one of the pioneers in recognizing the consequences of electropollution. Two years ago, I told you about her book Zapped. It’s an excellent handbook for reducing EMF sources.

Later this month, Ann Louise will be a featured presenter at the Healthy Bodies, Healthy Buildings Conference in Washington, D.C. (Oct. 11-16). In workshops and lectures, attendees will learn how to identify “hot spots” in homes and workplaces.

Ann Louise’s presentation will examine case studies that reveal EMF dangers and how to overcome them.

You can find much more information on the conference website (hbelc.org/conference-2012).

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