HSI members confirm -- sleep on your left side for heartburn relief

Which side do you sleep on? If you have heartburn, left is best.

Last week, I told you about research that yielded this important tip for heartburn patients. Sleep on your left side for relief.

An HSI member named Deborah wrote to confirm that she’s had good luck with her left side…

“I had heartburn for the first time ever a few days ago. I got it mostly reduced by the time I went to bed and thought about which sleeping position would be the most helpful. I decided that sleeping on the left side was best because it put the stomach in the lower position with less stress on the sphincter. It worked wonders.”

Deborah is on the right track with her left side logic.

Marie, another member, wrote with this detailed explanation…

“The reason lying on the left side gives more relief from gastric reflux is because most of the stomach lies on the left side of the abdomen. It is a concave curve from the esophageal entrance in the center of the body. Therefore when a person lies on the right side, the stomach is up higher, with the entrance to the esophagus lower, so stomach contents drain back more easily.”

Good to know! Thanks for helping with nighttime relief, ladies.

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