Genetically modified food battle in California draws millions in corporate donations

“Contains GMO.”

Those simple 11 letters have launched an expensive battle in California.

Proposition 37 is a California ballot initiative. It would require food producers to tell consumers when products contain genetically modified organisms.

That’s the LAST thing bio-techs and food producers want to see. As I mentioned last week, these corporations raised $12 million to defeat Prop 37.

But things change fast out West.

Yes…Monsanto and other companies have now contributed nearly $25 million. And don’t be surprised if that amount doubles again (and again and again). We still have two months to go.

Meanwhile, the California Right to Know campaign has raised about $2.4 million. Impressive. But not $25 million impressive.

Almost all the money from both groups will go to TV advertisements. Cali couch potatoes will soon be tired of hearing about Prop 37.

Hopefully they’ll be annoyed enough to vote “YES.”

If California requires GMO labeling, it will be a huge step toward national labeling. Which is a huge step toward all of us making more informed choices about our food.

You can help make that happen. Start by going to the Right to Know website to learn more about Prop 37 and to donate to the cause.

“Ag, biotech giants pour millions into fighting initiative to label genetically modified food” Associated Press, 8/15/12,

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