Tip to avoid a prolonged hospital stay and increased risk of fatal infection

You might be underwhelmed when I tell you that the Endocrine Society has issued new clinical practice guidelines.

Exciting? No.

Important? More than you might think.

This one sentence from the ES announcement carries a critical warning…

“Hyperglycemia is associated with prolonged hospital stay, increased incidence of infections and death in non-critically ill hospitalized patients.”

Hyperglycemia is elevated blood sugar. But hyperglycemia is not just another term for diabetes. This condition often occurs in non-diabetics, especially as we grow older.

Bottom line: even if your doctor hasn’t diagnosed you with diabetes, controlling your blood sugar is critical for optimal health.

It might even save your life during a hospital stay.

“The Endocrine Society Releases New Clinical Practice Guideline on the Management of Hyperglycemia in Hospitalized Patients in a Non-Critical Care Setting” Newswise, 1/5/12, newswise.com

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