This summer's drought packs a harsh one-two punch for farmers

One of the arguments in favor of producing genetically modified crops is that it doesn’t harm the environment.

Hundreds of farmers would disagree.

As I’ve mentioned before, Monsanto’s Roundup Ready crops have produced Roundup-resistant weeds. But these aren’t the weeds you find popping up your yard. These are superweeds. And they’re so large, so sturdy, and so fast growing that many farmers can’t control them.

Some farmers actually abandon their fields to these monsters.

Well, guess what? Crops that contain the Bt pesticide have produced a Bt-resistant rootworm.

Gee… Who could have possibly seen THAT coming?

But it gets worse. This summer, farmers are learning a nasty new detail about this Monsanto-created Frankenworm…

It thrives in dry weather.

I’m sure you’re aware that this is the driest, hottest summer in many years for U.S. farmers. So now, the hardship of a drought is compounded with the nurturing of pests that love to munch on Bt corn.

We’re learning the hard way that it’s not nice to genetically modify Mother Nature.

“Superinsects Are Thriving in This Summer’s Drought” Tom Philpott, Mother Jones, 8/8/12,

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