For excessive sweating, the FDA has approved destruction of sweat glands with microwaves -- seriously!

FDA approved!

I don’t have to go any further, do I? You already know we’re in trouble. And this one is a doozy.

The FDA has approved a new method for treating hyperhidrosis. That’s the medical term for excessive sweating.

Until recently, Botox injection was the primary treatment. Side effects (which can be “life threatening”) include “problems swallowing, speaking, or breathing.”

Most people need to do all three of those things. That’s why Miramar Labs developed miraDry.

With miraDry, a doctor numbs the armpits with a local anesthetic. Then, in a one-hour procedure, the miraDry device uses microwaves to destroy sweat glands. Oh, and it also kills apocrine glands. They cause odor. And it damages hair follicles too.

Well…THAT sounds perfectly safe!

The miraDry website tells us… “Some localized soreness or swelling is normal, and typically clears within a few weeks.”

But a doctor, quoted in the Wall St. Journal, puts it a little differently… “Most people have minor swelling, but in some cases it can be a lump as big as a softball.”

Yikes! And then steroids are used to treat the swelling.

Again — yikes!

But here’s what I find most interesting… In a study of 120 people with hyperhidrosis, a placebo group received a sham procedure with no microwaves. And more than HALF of that group reported successful sweat reduction!

Let’s see… No microwaves. No softball-size swelling. No steroids. Hmmm… I wonder if the FDA would consider approving the sham procedure. It’s not like it would be entirely new to them…

“Too Much Sweating? Apply Heat” Laura Johannes, Wall St. Journal, 8/13/12,

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