If you find it difficult to swallow pills, here's a little help

Yesterday I warned you about “surprising danger” #8 from the big Consumer Reports exposé on vitamins and supplements. Brace yourself…pills can be hard to swallow.

It’s a harrowing warning. Thank you, CR, for bringing this major risk to light. Your special brand of investigative reporting blows the lid off of one of the industry’s deepest, darkest secrets: They are pills and yes, some can occasionally be a little hard to swallow.

Fret not. In response to CR‘s crack journalism, our affiliated company, NorthStar Nutritionals, has come up with a perfect solution to offset surprising danger #8.

When you use this link to make any purchase from the NorthStar site by Sunday, August 26, you’ll get a bottle of Pill Glide absolutely free. Pill Glide is a strawberry-flavored, water-based lubricating spray that makes it easier for everyone in the family to swallow their pills. It was developed by a pharmacist. And Pill Glide is sugar-free — with no artificial sweeteners, dye-free and non-allergenic.

Phew! Now we only have 9 other fake dangers to worry about.

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