You'll never guess what excessive drinking leads to

I believe we’ve found the Least Surprising Study of the year.

Researchers report that alcohol consumption leads to unsafe sex.

Hmmm… Hasn’t this issue already been thoroughly researched? Like… every night since about 3,000 B.C.?

Canadian mental health workers conducted the study. Their specialty is addiction. And right now they’re looking for ways to prevent HIV transmission.

They started with these questions… Does alcohol use lead to unsafe sex? Or does a certain type of personality practice risky behaviors? Those behaviors, of course, include overindulgence in alcohol and unprotected sex.

The team conducted 12 experiments. (Really? It took 12 tries!?) They concluded that as drinking increased, risk of unsafe sex increased as well.

One researcher told HealthDay News: “Most. Fun. Study. EVER!”

No. Just kidding. Nobody said that. But I assume that thought crossed the mind of every one of the researchers at some point.

“Too Much Alcohol Linked to Unsafe Sex, Study Confirms” HealthDay News, 12/12/11,

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