There's only one best way to avoid the flu, and it's not a flu shot

Evidence shows that a flu shot is an unreliable way to prevent flu. And that’s the BEST you can say for it.

Research has proven the best flu prevention. It’s simple. Wash your hands.

And I’ve found a perfect motivational tool. Just take a look at a recent study titled “Microbial Biogeography of Public Restroom Surfaces.”

From the title alone, you can just imagine.

University of Colorado researchers tested surfaces in 12 public restrooms. They found them to be teeming with all sorts of bacteria. And much of it was “gut-associated taxa.” That’s the stuff that can lay you up and make you miserable for days.

Keep in mind that bathrooms might not even be the worst of it. Studies have shown that ATM keypads and shared computer keyboards can be highly bacteria-active.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s flu season or the dog days of August. Wash your hands and be well.

“Microbial Biogeography of Public Restroom Surfaces” PLoS ONE, Vol. 6, No. 11, 11/23/11,

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